Terms and conditions


Images are available for sale and for reproduction. As with all creative works the copyright always belongs to the original producer of the work, and photographs can only be reproduced with permission.

In preparing material for publication, the usual procedure is to identify the reference number so that a low-res proof can be emailed to confirm that the correct image has been selected. Normally there is no chaarge for this. If publication is to go ahead, a reproduction rate is determined based on how the image is to be used, e.g. as a book-cover, or in a television programme.

Apart from the main themed catalogues, there are many other images in the library. However, most requirements can be identified from these catalogues, more of which are in preparation. As new catalogues are issued, they are posted on this website.

Caught in the act, a poteen-maker and her still. One of the photographs by Thomas Wynne of life in the West of Ireland at the end of the 19th century.
For detailed terms please email sourcefoxford@iol.ie for our rate card pdf.